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“KEZILABDA ON FIRE”: Hungary beat France!

Hungary beat France 26:25 in the Round 3 of the Youth World Handball Championship 2019 in North Macedonia.

Take a look on decisive moments of the clash…

Sweden – Canada 38:16
Egypt – Chinese Taipei 36:25

Hungary 6
France 4
Sweden 4
Egypt 4
Canada 0
Chinese Taipei 0

PHOTO: IHF, WCh 2019


  1. Jylppy

    14. August 2019. at 07:07

    @Vest: You’re right. Luckily the referees had better view than I did when I first saw the situation 🙂

  2. Vest

    11. August 2019. at 10:28

    No, that is not true. Take a look at 0.17:
    the Hungarian guy tried to reach the ball while running, he dud not achieve and the French guy simply pushed(!) him away still runing. At that point the French guy grabbed the ball to take the final steps and score the goal.
    No reason for suspensions. Simply the Hungarians were better.

  3. Jylppy

    10. August 2019. at 12:30

    They missed a 2 minute suspension for Hungary at France’s 25th goal. Breakaway, and the defender pulled the attacker from behind. Clear 2min suspension, which could’ve changed the outcome of the game.

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