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CLOSED-CYCLE: Hendrik Pekeler to THW Kiel in summer 2018!

One of the best German players on younger generations, Hendrik Pekeler (25) decided to go back to the team in which he began professional career on the highest level – THW Kiel. The 2.03 m tall line-player will leave Rhein Neckar Lowen at the end of his contract in 2018 and get back to the North, to be closer to his family, but also to try to try to reach the highest professional goals with the team who had no much time to wait on him in his younger age (2008-2010).

However, Pekeler has found his way and became a vital part of the German national team who won gold medal at EHF EURO 2016 in Poland, but also Olympic bronze in Rio six months later.

Pekeler signed three years contract which will keep him on Baltic sea until summer 2021.

Pekeler’s career:

2008–2009 Deutschland THW Kiel mit
Förderlizenz beim TSV Altenholz
2009–2010 Deutschland THW Kiel
2010–2012 Deutschland Bergischer HC[1]
2012–2015 Deutschland TBV Lemgo
2015– Deutschland Rhein-Neckar Löwen

PHOTO: France 2017

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