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Do we look at new Norwegian storm?

If you are enough old to remember first medals of Norwegian senior women’s national team and what happened afther it, you must start thinking what will bring to handball society silver medal that Berge’s team won in Bercy.  

When Norwegian girls won first medal on IHF World Championship 1986 in Netherlands (bronze), they started amazing series – more then 30 years of success. After Netherlands 1986, we saw 33 competition where girls from North won 25 medals, two more time they played semifinals (4th place) and just 5 time were below 4th place. Once, they miss to qualify for OG (Athens 2004). Altogether, 12 gold, 8 silver and 6 bronze medals. You must be even more terrified with their score on 12 European championships held so far: 7 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze medals!

It is really hard to beleive that something similar will happened in male competition, first of all because we have untouchable „Experts“ and long list of top handball countries that are enterying each competition with medal as very realistic objective.

However, we know that handball organisation is strong, „Norges Handballforbund“ can provide best conditions for their national teams. As well, on North live strong, tough people born to play our fantastic sport which is, for sure, kind of religion due to fantastic results made by girls’ teams.

Last year in Poland, Norwegians lost 3rd place match, but before,they lost in extra time SemiF against Germany. In previous rounds they won against Croatia and France. Now, they are on podium beside „Experts“. What can we expect? Can guys repeat success of their female colleagues?

PHOTO: France 2016, Stephane Pillaud

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  1. T44

    1. February 2017. at 03:11

    No because country like France or Germany are far more powerfull and especially, France who have a Huge reservoir of young players who are already dominant in young category, all are World champions in all youth categories.

    But for Norway it’s possible to become the New Danemark, a very serious outsider but not dominant team and in my opinion Sweden is more strong, swedish are the only team who create true problem to french squad, Les Experts win with experience but Sweden isn’t very close to defeat them.

    Yes Norway defeat french in Poland, but first of all Euro before Olympics wasn’t historically important for french squad, and in second time, defeat France in stage group isn’t the same than defeat her in direct elimination game.

    Remember the final score in final, don’t speak so mutch for Norway, +7 for France the most big gape in all World finals for France and she has play 7 finals.

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