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FRANCE IS DOWN! Portugal, oh, Portugal!

The first biggest scalp has been taken at Men’s EHF EURO 2020! Portugal repeated amazing success from the qualifications by beating France 28:25 (12:11) in Group D opener in Trondheim. The French team totally lost the control over the match in the last ten minutes against brave team led by goalkeepeer Alfredo Quintana.

Diogo Branquinho netted five goals for the winners, on the other side Dika Mem scored the same number of goals.

France– Portugal 25-28 (11-12)

France: Dika Mem 5, Nikola Karabatic 4, Ludovic Fabregas 4, Romain Lagarde 4, Melvyn Richardson 3, Luc Abalo 2, Michaël Guigou 2, Nedim Remili 1.

Portugal: Diogo Branquinho 5, Joao Ferraz 4, Andre Gomes 4, Pedro Portela 3, Alexis Borges 3, Rui Silva 2, Daymaro Salina 2, Fabio Magalhaes 2, Alfredo Quintana 1, Antonio Areia 1, Luis Frade 1

Mandatory Credit © Stanko Gruden / kolektiff