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HC Tatran Presov statement about “unfair and corrupted defeat” in Povazska Bistrica

The Slovakian champions HC Tatran Presov suffered unexpected defeat in domestic Extraleague in Povazska Bistrica 27:28, despite difference in quality level of two sides – clearly visible in their previous matches.

Ambitious team from Presov sent video material to Handball-Planet.com and explanation of losing invincibility in domestic Slovakian Extraleague in highly unfair and corrupted way.

“On 4 February 2017 we lost away to an average team of Povazska Bystrica 27:28. Both teams meet four times within two weeks at the turn of January and February 2017. TATRAN played two final legs of the Slovakian Cup against Povazska Bystrica, in which TATRAN won clearly by ten goal difference – 40:30 at TATRAN Handball Arena in Presov (25 January 2017), 35:25 in Povazska Bystrica (2 February 2017) and deservedly defended the victory in the Slovakian Cup. The Eastern Slovakian side also won the third encounter in the Slovakian Extraleague in Presov by the same margin – 33:23 (20 January 2017)”, announced Tatran Presov and added:

“No one expected what could happen on 4 February in Povazska Bystrica. Every handball expert awaited another clear victory of TATRAN Presov over Povazska Bystrica. The ambitions of our team were unexpectedly “killed” by referees of the game who influenced the match in highly unfair way after intentional series of nonsense verdicts against TATRAN Presov, which can be seen and proved in the following video:


We would like to point out only several examples of unfair interference of referees into the game in the very end of the match, which finally thwarted an expected victory of TATRAN:

  1. Visible break-through of the home player who broke the rules. Despite that he was awarded 7m penalty against TATRAN.
  2. Oliver Rabek was roughly stopped by the couple of home team players. Consequently the red card was surprisingly awarded to Marek Pales of TATRAN who did not do anything to anyone. But foul on Rabek was not punished at all.
  3. The series of rough fouls on the players of TATRAN (Lukas Urban, Dominik Krok and Tomas Cip) was not punished by the referees at all (at least two 7m throws should have been awarded for TATRAN by the referees).
  4. Non-existing technical mistake by Oliver Rabek before his 9m throw after the regular time of the match expired (60:00) and strange end of the game.

Those were only several painful and unfair decisions against TATRAN Presov at defeat 27:28 in Povazska Bystrica. No one of spectators could have any doubts about intentional damage of TATRAN in the match, which can be clearly proved by the replay of the game in the archive of www.huste.sk:


As a result, TATRAN Presov lost only game in the regular season 2016/2017. In case it had no influence on keeping their 1st place in the table of the Slovakian Extraleague, but players of TATRAN Presov lost their opportunity to be given promised financial reward of 30,000 EUR for their unbeatable run in the regular season of the Slovakian Extraleague. That is the reason why the team players of TATRAN want to fight against injustice that was caused by the referees of the game. The Slovakian champions consider taking action against the referees into the court of justice.  It was not the first time in the Slovakian handball when the fair play and justice was intentionally killed by human factor. It is a huge pity and shame that all this injustice TATRAN had to face in Povazska Bystrica was caused by the couple of the Slovakian international referees who also whistle European competitions”, wrote in statement of the best Slovakian team.


  1. Ľuboš Vernarský

    17. March 2017. at 19:35

    Rozhodca “Má PRAVDU”. Zákon na Slovensku. Podotýkam -NEOMýLY. a môže URAŽAŤ. Kde sme to. Delegát je TICHO. ON svoje dostane a rozhodca tiež. Načo je komisia rozhodcov- BÝVALÍ. O čom sa budeme baviť. Delegát- FIGÚRA.
    Preto som nekúpil permanetku na zápasy TATRANA aj keď my tam hrá SYN!!!!!
    Anglický nerozumiem a ani ma to nebaví

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  3. Dissapointed

    14. March 2017. at 22:54

    Money talks and if the IHF itself is willing to be corrupt then what chance do regular competitions have. The IHF has set the precedent with the awarding of WC to middle east countries, selling of TV rights to arab station, allowing Qatar to basically compete with a foreing team. The sooner this corrupt mafia wannabe Mustafa is out of the IHF the better.

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