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MIZUNO Wave Mirage 2 – Light. Dynamic. Quick.

The EHF European Championships will be intense! For the majority of the games, our athletes rely on lateral movements, rapid acceleration, sudden stops, and quick changes of direction. This demands a shoe that will support players from the first to the final whistle. That’s why, at Mizuno, we’ve studied handball in great detail, and applied what we’ve learned into the details of our shoes, to make them perfect for this high-pressure sport. We want to give our players who wear Mizuno the Power to Perform!



Designed for a wing player who plays a fast and sharp game with agile movements. In this attacking role you need controlled cushioning and lightweight strength to secure incredible speed and dynamic jumps. The Wave Mirage 2 is the perfect shoe to make every throw explosive and efficient – giving you the power and stability to strike the ball into the net from unexpected angles. The new DynamotionFit bootie holds the foot tightly and supports each and every movement without compromise. This unparalleled feeling of stability, comfort and compression increases your power and stamina to perform

Confidently until the last whistle.

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