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VIDEO: 15 years-old Russian handball girl Kristina Kotolup brutal foul

The 15 years-old Russian handball girl Kristina Kotolup made something brutal at the match of her team Rostov Don against Moscow region in national Championship for generation 2001. After foul for 7-meter throw in the second half, nervous Kotolup stepped on face of girl from opposite side.

She was immediately sent-off….


  1. DillerBob

    26. March 2017. at 11:36

    Kristina Kotolup – please – in view of your action… you should never be playing handball again in your life…!! Wait till you meet your maker….

  2. Anonymous

    24. March 2017. at 16:29

    She should be banned for her actions. How brutal can anyone be – there is the answer !

  3. karol

    16. March 2017. at 17:04

    Sick bitch.

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