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VIVA KIELONIA: Kiel beat Veszprem for the Final!

Kiel’s 6-0 defense was too strong for the Veszprem’s shooters in the last part of the first semi-final at VELUX EHF F4 in Cologne! THW Kiel celebrate their third final in “Lanxess Arena” after victory over MKB MVM Veszprem 29:26 (13:13). Alfred Gislason had one of the heroes in goalkeeper Palicka, who stopped some important shots of the rivals. Team of Antonio Carlos Ortega has lost the control on the match after 35 minutes. After Chema Rodriguez was stopped, there were no other player in the back-line of Veszprem on the level necessary to beat “Zebras” at F4….

Logo MKB-MVM Veszprem (HUN Flagge HUN):Fazekas (n.e.), Alilovic (1.-60., 13/2 saves); Vilovski (2), Gulyas (1), G. Ivancsik (2),Schuch, T. Ivancsik (1), Ruesga (3), Ilic (5/3), Mocsai (n.e.), Nagy (4), Ugalde (4), Rodriguez (2), Terzic, Sulic (2);

Logo THW Kiel:Sjöstrand (2 saves), Palicka (15.-60., 14 saves); Toft Hansen(1), Sigurdsson (6), Sprenger (2), Wiencek (3), Ekberg (3), Zeitz (1), Jallouz (n.e.), Palmarsson (7), Klein(n.e.), Jicha (4), Vujin (2);

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