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Next weekend begins a new season of the BENE-League, the international handball competition with 6 Belgian and 6 Dutch teams. New for the next 3 seasons starting Saturday the 9th of September is that all matches, including the Final Four, are broadcast live over the internet. The BENE-League board, the NHV and the KBHB have confirmed a 3-year partnership with Fanseat, a Finnish service specialised in sport live streaming.

The BENE-League had a fantastic apotheosis last season. In a high end Final Four competition, Belgian Achilles Bocholt and the Dutch OCI Lions competed for the title. After a striking final round, Achilles Bocholt became BENE-League champion for the first time in their history. It was only one of 136 games that the BENE League had broadcast live.

From now on, anyone who wants to follow all BENE-League matches from the first to the last minute can follow them on Fanseat – www.fanseat.com “Sports matches are eminent events that you want to see live,” says Gio Antonioli, chairman of the BENE-League. “In handball that’s no different. Either you go to the club venue or watch through a live stream. Our clubs were aware that live streaming from this season would be mandatory. The moment we wanted to support the clubs in this regard, Fanseat came up with a partnership idea in order to continue their international business growth. Fanseat will, in collaboration with DB Video (a Belgian based video production company), bring all the matches of the BENE-League available for fans to watch, no matter where they are.

Both companies have the know-how and the professional organisation to make this project a success. All matches will be broadcast in HD quality and will be commented by commentators provided by the clubs. Whoever wants to follow the BENE-League live and on demand, will need to pay a monthly subscription fee of 7.99€ with the first month free and the subscription is cancellable each month. 

The collaboration with Fanseat goes beyond just streaming matches. “Fanseat invests in our sport and expresses great confidence in our competition. There are several advantages to this collaboration, “says Gio Antonioli. “The BENE-League board suddenly gets a great tool in order to further commercialise the competition. The same goes for the clubs that can now offer all their partners more visibility and develop their commercial revenues with the right approach.

This is the next step to a professional organisation with the aim of joining the European top level. But the story does not stop there. We are now also in a position to offer all TV channels (public, commercial, local) quality images free of rights for editorial use. We have made sure that public broadcasters, NOS and VRT and both partners of the Dutch and Belgian federation have the opportunity to broadcast a number of matches, including the final of the Final Four, per season. The whole is a great opportunity to give handball the attention it deserves. The positive thing about the story is that clubs now no longer have to stand for the livestream
either financially or in terms of employing staff. 

Jean-Maël Gineste, General Manager Fanseat France & UK, is pleased to have chosen the BENE-League for Fanseat. “This production and live streaming partnership with the BENELeague is another important step forward for Fanseat and its international development. Not only Fanseat will support the growth of the BENE-League visibility, but also the development of handball in Belgium and the Netherlands. Equally important, Fanseat will provide fans in the Benelux and around the globe the opportunity to follow over 130 live matches on Fanseat service on PC, tablet and mobile of one of the growing handball league in Europe.”

About Fanseat
Fanseat is a new sports entertaining streaming service offering wide selection of national, local and emerging sports. With Fanseat you can share your sports moments with fans, friends and family. Fanseat is featuring several sports eg. football, ice hockey, basketball, handball and has attracted sports enthusiasts from over 100 countries. Fanseat offers each year thousands of live matches and other sporting events available internationally. www.fanseat.com

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