DKB Bundesliga against new CL format: No more than 20 European matches!

DKB Bundesliga clubs are in a collision with suggested new-format of Champions League presented few weeks ago after agreement with the best European teams gathered in Forum Club Handball. After meeting in Cologne, DKB Bundesliga announced some of the conclusions which aren’t on the line with current EHF plans.

  • All 18 clubs of the DKB Handball Bundesliga are very interested in successful club competitions at European level. HBL respects the professional marketing of the EHF and supports the process of further marketing optimization.
  • All 18 clubs of the DKB Handball Bundesliga agreed that a maximum of 20 matches in the European club competitions per club and season are compatible with the Bundesliga game operation, both in terms of scheduling and sports.
  • All 18 clubs of the DKB Handball Bundesliga are committed to the current league strength of 18 clubs, including match schedule with fixed kick-off times on Thursdays and Sundays.

DKB Bundesliga is ready to discuss further with EHF in interest of both sides.

According 2o20/2021 plan, EHF Champions League should be played in league system with 12 teams, which means 22 matches in regular season with six other until the end of the season (quarter-finals and Final4). This means 26 matches in total, six more than DKB Bundesliga wants to allow.

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