There are a lot of reasons for this kind of contest. In order to make more publicity to the handball world and to put another light to some actions, which are not necessary connected with only goals and saves, we want to praise the best and to get answer on the question – whose activity has the biggest influence on the development of handball? Which name made the biggest promotion to our sport? On which example we can build the future?
Previous contests were focused only on some part of our sport (players and coaches), but no one gave us some idea about real influence of the winners on present and future of handball.

Together, we want to give our opinion and send a message based on value which handball idols share throughout our world.

THE HANDBALL PERSON OF THE YEAR has to be complete figure with strong personality and TOP quality handball, but also non-handball background.

We are looking for a person who deserved to become the bright face of our sport. His work, playing skills, trophies, speeches, behaviour and charisma, all of that collected has to be reason for your / our decision.

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