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Dujshebaev boys keep dream alive – Atletico with +5 to Blaugrana!

In Madrid hall Vistalegre in front of 14.000 fans BM Atletico Madrid beat F.C Barcelona 25:20 (11:10) in the first match of the VELUX EHF CL 1/4 Final. Despite a lot of problems during season with injuries, money and players who left the team (Sterbik and Markussen), Talant Dujshebaev and his players found enough energy to make great result and keep chances for F4 in Cologne alive.

Atletico had 23:17 five minutes before the end, but on the end, +5 seems to be really nice advantage before “Blaugrana” next week…

Hombrados had 11 saves, but the most important was penalty shot in the last second of the match. Lazarov and Canellas scored 6 goals both, while Ivano Balic had great 60 minutes with 4 goals and fantastic solution in attack.

Serhei Rutenka scored 6 goals for Barca. Arpad Sterbik had only 10 saves…