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Polish Kielce on the heaven’s door – “Air France” for last second win in Kiel!

Everyone expected a hard, aligned duel between Metalurg Skopje and Vive Targi Kielce and this has just been. The first thirty minutes definitely belonged to Metalurg. They started by leading 2:0 and guests had to chase the score for almost whole half. Although Kielce didn’t allow opponents to significant increase advantage, and also thanks to Uros Zorman’s excellent game, to dressing rooms players coming down with draw (13:13). Hosts was certainly not helped by the fact that the biggest star of the team, goalkeeper Darko Stanić, had an injury and part of the meeting was forced to sit on substitute bench. Vive’s players were succeeded in cutting off Metalurg’s pivots from pass and certainly it’s worth noting a strong defensive game. They were also managed to take advantage of absences (and then worse game of) opponents basic goalie, continually increasing their advantage, at the end of meeting leading up to five goals (58′). Metalurg managed to throw three goals in the end, so that a rematch should also be exciting. We can only hope that in the next match of this teams, the referees won’t be trying to play a leading role.

METALURG: Stanić  7 saves, Mitrevski 4 saves, Vugrinec 5)1)/8, Mirkulovski 4/4, Mojsovski 6(3)/11, Koražija 1/1, Kozlina 0/2, Markovski 1/1, Rakcevic 2/3, Georgievski ½, Batinovic 2/5, Doder 1/1, Dimovski 2/2
VIVE TARGI KIELCE: Schmal 9 saves, Losert, 1 save, Musa 2/3, Zorman 4/5, Bielecki 1/3, Lijewski 3/3, Rosinski 4/6, Jachlewski 4/4, Stojkovic 2/3, Cupic 1(1)/2, Olafson 1/1, Jurecki 3/4, Buntic 2/4
RESULT: 2:0 (3.) 4:1 (8.) 6:4 (12.) 9:6 (16.) 10:7 (19.) 10:9 (22.) 13:10 (26.) 13:14 (31.) 16:18 (40.) 17:21 (47.) 19:22 (52.) 20:25 (55.) 22:27 (58.)
MoM: Tomas Rosinski (Vive Targi Kielce)

THW KIEL – MKB VESZPREM 32:31 (15:16) (Vujin 8 – Nagy 11)




  1. trol

    22. April 2013. at 08:41

    Please, change the referees next time, a couple from Israel did too many important mistakes with advantage for Metalurg.

  2. CK

    22. April 2013. at 06:54

    We can only hope that in the next match of this teams, the referees won’t be trying to play a leading role.

    Shalom referess.. W Kielcach już nie przejdzie ten druk!!!

  3. handball_fan

    21. April 2013. at 19:01

    SZMAL !!!!!!!!!!! not Schmal !!

  4. Zoli

    21. April 2013. at 18:03

    Veszprem had the lead for 59 minutes, even by 6 goals, except the last 5 seconds when Kiel took the lead for the first time…

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