HP nominations for the WORLD’S BEST PLAYER AND MALE COACH IN 2012!

Datum:11.11.2012 | Autor:Editor

Handball-Planet.com is proud to present the lists of nominations for the WORLD’S BEST HANDBALL PLAYER AND WORLD’S BEST MALE COACH IN 2012. After big success of our voting Contest last year, when Laszlo Nagy and Dagur Sigurdsson was choosen by more than 7800 fans worldwide, our visitors and HP are on the big challenge this year. We are witnessing fantastic handball year with EHF EURO 2012, Olympic Games in London, brilliant VELUX EHF F4 in Cologne and many others great matches and events. It was really difficult to make selection, but we again decided to choose seven players (all team positions are included) and only three coaches.

Vote until December 2.

63 Responses to “HP nominations for the WORLD’S BEST PLAYER AND MALE COACH IN 2012!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mikel hansen

  2. effef says:

    Why dont have Kirli Lazarov he is the best goal shooter !!

  3. marco says:

    Handball Planet can yo answer ?

  4. marco says:

    Why do not spoke anymore of Italian handball election?
    Does the Italian federation threat hanball planet?

  5. jerx says:

    Vori, Igor Vori :)

  6. Hannes Heimisson says:

    Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson is clearly the best.

  7. marko says:

    igor vori!

  8. Jón Tryggvi says:

    Guðjón Valur Sigurðsson!!!!

  9. misak says:

    Filda Jicha!!!!!

  10. Lavrob says:

    What have done Vori? Why not aguinagalde? He’s the best ofensive pivot on the word.

  11. Maria says:

    Mikkel Hansen

  12. Lina says:

    Kim Andersson

  13. Rebecca Carlsson says:


  14. RMH says:

    Luc Abalo :)

  15. Linda Husted says:

    Mikkel Hansen

  16. Marina Heiman says:

    Kim Anderson!

  17. Bella says:

    Mikkel Hansen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Manar says:

    Mikkel Hansen

  19. Johan says:

    Kim Andersson

  20. olivia says:

    kim andersson

  21. Toby says:

    Kim Andersson

  22. vladimir hel says:

    filip jicha

  23. Miroslav Duraj says:

    Filip JÍCHA

  24. Annie says:

    Kim Andersson

  25. Eva Jágrová says:

    Filip Jícha

  26. Mio says:

    Kim Andersson!

  27. polinho says:

    Filip jicha

  28. Chrille says:

    Kim Andersson !!!

  29. Emilie says:

    Mikkel Hansen for crying out loud! None above alot under!

  30. vencysta says:

    Filip Jícha

  31. Stina says:

    Kim Andersson

  32. Jan Heřta says:

    Filip Jícha

  33. Martin says:

    Mikkel Hansen

  34. Rebecka says:

    Kim Andersson

  35. Kamil Broda says:

    Filip Jícha

  36. Åsa Göransson says:

    Kim Andersson

  37. Rukometas says:

    Momir Ilic !!!! 😛

  38. dalibor says:

    wnere are you kiril lazarov?

  39. Lena says:


  40. Niklas says:

    Kim Andersson

  41. Sofia says:

    Kim Andersson

  42. Susanne says:

    Kim Andersson

  43. Martin Kjældgaard says:

    Kim Andersson!

  44. Carina Ahlin says:

    Kim Andersson

  45. Michal Sztwiorok says:

    Filip Jicha

  46. Lidberg says:

    Kim Andersson

  47. Jan Leibl says:

    Filip Jícha

  48. Elin says:

    Kim Andersson

  49. Sara says:

    Kim Andersson!!

  50. Emma says:

    Kim Andersson

  51. lukas says:

    Kim Andersson

  52. Linnea says:

    Kim Andersson

  53. Monica says:

    Kim Andersson

  54. Jennifer says:

    Kim Andersson

  55. Koacek Vita says:

    Filip Jícha

  56. Moa says:

    Kim Andersson

  57. Filippa says:

    Kim Andersson

  58. Jan Šafránek says:

    Filip Jícha

  59. Jesper says:

    Kim andersson

  60. ana says:

    Kim andersson

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