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Bundesliga (Round 11): Fuchse Berlin with a hard-fought home win against TBV Lemgo

In the 11th round of the Bundesliga, the games played Sunday brought no surprises, as all favorites won. THW Kiel had an easy job at home against Lubbecke and won 30:23, even though at one point Lubbecke got to 16:16, but that was it, after that THW Express seemed unstoppable. Easy job for HSV Hamburg away at TuSEM Essen, a game won by 8 goals, 34:26, and perhaps a way back  on the winning track. Magdeburg had perfect second half and cruised to a 33:25 victory at home against Grosswallstadt. Hardest job had Fuchse Berlin at home. The Foxes trailed most of the game against TBV Lemgo, and in the 58th minute got to 18:18. With two goals from Jaszka and Sellin, the team was 20:18 up with 2 minutes to go, and TBV had no more power to fight back, and in the end Fuchse Berlin won 21:19.

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