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Hungary win Olympic Hopes U17 Tournament in Prague

From 16 December to 18 December 2016 the newly formed Slovakian U17 national handball team (boys 2000 and younger) took part in the prestigious international tournament of V4 countries in Prague – Olympic Hopes Tournament 2016. It was the second international tournament for Slovakian youngsters, at which they collected important experiences in the games against Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic. Finally, Slovakia U17 took the fourth place after three defeats.

Results of Slovakia U17 at Olympic Hopes Tournament 2016

Friday 16 December 2016, 16:00 CET, Prague – Hostivice, Czech Republic:

Poland U17 – Slovakia U17 35:20 (16:11)

Poland U17: Balcerek, Matlega, Walach – Stepien, Baliga 1, Adamski, Pilitowski 5, Kozycz 1, Dzialakiewicz 5, Olejniczak 5, Dadej 5, Przybylski 1, Abramski, Matyjasik 3, Scislowicz 7, Kutyla 2. Coach: P. Obrusiewitz

Slovakia U17: Ochaba, Koller, Luba – Fech, Chalabala 4, Sloboda 1, Kucsera, Valko 2, Lacena 2, Valencin 1, Ostrozovic, Bogar 1, Modrovsky 4, Toth 1, Vano 1, Prikryl 1, Parolly 2. Coach: R. Barta

Referees: Florian, Netik (CZE), 7m given/goals: 3/2 – 4/3, 2´ penalties: 4 – 3, Red Card: 30. Prikryl (SVK U17)

Robert Barta, coach of Slovakia U17: „We did not catch the beginning of both halves against Poland. It was positive that despite bad opening phase of the encounter we managed to come back to the game in 20th minute. We reduced Polish lead to 3 goal difference 7:10. Then we made unnecessary mistakes and allowed Poland to extend their lead to 5 goals after the first half. We did not manage the beginning of the second half at all. In its first 10 minutes we scored only 1 goal out of 9 shots. On the other side Polish team converted their chances. They extended their lead to comfortable difference and controlled the match until its end. I feel bad about our performance in defence, which was only weakly aggressive. Our contacts with the rivals were inconsistent. We let Poland to finish their combinations. On the contrary we hurried a lot in attack and shot on goal from unprepared positions too early. We were not able to wait for prepared chances. It was really weak entrance into the tournament for our team, but also very instructive game. I am curious how we play in other matches at the tournament. The most important thing for us is to get better and grow in our performances in the future. The second game vs Hungary and third one vs Czech Republic will show us direction. I hope the boys learned from this game and their performance in defence and attack will only get better. This is our goal.”

Czech Republic U17 – Hungary U17 19:28 (7:15)

Saturday 17 December 2016, 16:00 CET, Prague – Hostivice, Czech Republic:

Slovakia U17 – Hungary U17 19:24 (13:17)

Slovakia U17: Ochaba, Koller, Luba – Fech 1, Chalabala 1, Sloboda, Kucsera 3, Valko, Lacena 2, Valencin 4, Ostrozovic, Bogar, Modrovsky 1, J. Toth 3, Vano 1, Prikryl 1, Parolly 2. Coach: R. Barta

Hungary U17: Gyori, Merkovszki, Palfi – Holdosi, Czako 1, Patrik Toth, Peter Toth 1, Kecskes 3, Balint 4, Szasz 2, Bodnar, K. Papp, B. Papp 4, Vajda 2, Kovacs, Szeles 6, Gal 1. Coach: A. Vago

Referees: Moravec, Zelenka (CZE), 7m given/goals: 3/3 – 2/1, 2´ penalties: 4 – 5

Robert Barta, coach of Slovakia U17: „We were really delighted by the progress in our display which we showed against strong Hungarian team. Finally, we managed to play the things we focus on in the training process. We were able to play them in the match. Of course our good performance against Hungary cannot satisfy us, but it provides a good basis for further cooperation in the team. I believe we will manage to advance our display in both defence and attack in the third game vs Czech Republic. It was positive we did not give up against Hungarians, when we were six goals down in the first half and we managed to reduce their lead. Today our performance was much more collective compared to the game vs Poland.”

Czech Republic U17 – Poland U17 24:24 (14:10)

Sunday 18 December 2016, 12:30 CET, Prague – Hostivice, Czech Republic:

Czech Republic U17 – Slovakia U17 25:18 (14:8)

Czech Republic U17: S. Mizera, Votava, Polacek – Nolc, Lefan 4, Cundrle 2, Kupa 5, B. Mizera 4, Musalek, Cvikl 3, Drbohlav 1, Noworyta, Votava, Mazur 2, Kolecek, Krusbersky 3, Cejka 1, Skalda . Coach: A. Korinek

Slovensko U17: Ochaba, Koller, Luba – Fech 1, Chalabala, Sloboda 1, Kucsera 4, Valko, Lacena 2, Valencin, Ostrozovic, Bogar 1, Modrovsky, Toth 1, Vano 2, Prikryl 5, Parolly 1. Coach: R. Barta

Referees: Florian, Netik (CZE), 7m given/goals: 3/3 – 0, 2´penalties: 1 – 2

Robert Barta, coach of Slovakia U17: „We are very disappointed by our performance today. We did not expect such a weak performance after excellent game against Hungarians. We had a huge problem to convert our chances in attack. In the first half we were not aggressive enough in defence. We were trying to look for the optimum squad throughout the entire game, which would be able to fight and show the quality in the match, but unfortunately we did not find it. Our biggest mistake was the effort to solve the things individually. We forgot we were one team on the court. As for the future, the boys have to realise that only the team performance and display can help us to be successful. I am personally very disappointed with the game against the Czech Republic because I expected completely different end of this tournament. I believed we would manage to improve our performance from the encounter against Hungary, but we were not able to prove it on the court. We have to work hard in near future. We have to go further step by step if we want to build a competitive and quality team.”

Hungary U17 – Poland U17 35:24 (19:12)

Olympic Hopes Tournament 2016, Prague, Czech Republic:

  1. Hungary U17 3 3 0 0 87:62 6
  2. Poland U17 3 1 1 1 83:79 3
  3. Czech Rep. U17 3 1 1 1 68:70 3
  4. Slovakia U17 3 0 0 3 57:84 0

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