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Granollers Cup 2017 – Summer in the city where handball is like a religion!

Handball summer in one of the cities where handball is like a religion? Teams who attended Granollers Cup in the past already know it, but call stays open for all those who wants to feel fantastic experience of playing handball in the most “handballic” environment in Spain.

Granollers Cup is one the most important tournaments around the world. Every year the number of participants in the competition increases getting up to 375 teams from 20 different countries and more than 5.400 players in the last edition (1.156 games and 34.479 goals).

Teams from all the world have been playing at Granollers Cup: Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium Bosnia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, South Korea, China, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Faroe Islands, France, Finland, Germany, Guatemala, Hungary, Iceland, Italia Letonia, Lithuania, India, Kenia, Macedonia, Mexico, Moldavia, Nigeria, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Romania, Scotland, Serbia, Slovenia, Taiwan, Tunisia, Uruguay, Venezuela…


Edition 2017 is ready (June 28 – July 2). It’s time for you to apply!




AM  ALEVIN (born in 2005-2006)
IM  INFANTIL (born in 2003-2004)
CM  CADETE (born in 2001-2002)
JM  JUVENIL (born in 1999-2000)
JUM  JUNIOR (born in 1996-97-98)


AF  ALEVÍN (born in 2005-2006)
IF  INFANTIL (born in 2003-2004)
CF  CADETE (born in 2001-2002)
JF  JUVENIL (born in 1999-2000)
JUF  JUNIOR (born in 1996-97-98)


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