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Ljubomir Vranjes reacted on fans reaction: “It’s unfair, we had six injured players”

Telekom Veszprem lost the first Hungarian title after 11 years of domination! PICK Szeged won the first national trophy with Juan Carlos Pastor, the Spanish coach, who desperately was trying to take it since 2013, when he overtook position in Szeged.

MOL Pick Szeged are on the throne, while Veszprem’s fans are angry. Some of them were singing “Aufwiedersehen” after the Sunday’s match, what was clear opinion about work of Ljubomir Vranjes.

The Swedish coach said to TV M4 after it that “it’s unfair”.

“It’s unfair. We had six injured players. What they want, do they want me to play? Or someone else. This is not fair”.

Vranjes is on another big challenge in only 20 days when Hungary will meet Slovenia at World Championship 2019 Play Off.

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