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Handball-Planet.com is proud to present the lists of nominations for the WORLD’S BEST FEMALE HANDBALL PLAYER AND WORLD’S BEST FEMALE COACH IN 2012. After big success of our voting Contest for the player (Filip Jicha) and male coach (Alfred Gislason), whcih attracted over 18.000 fans worldwide, our visitors and HP are on the big challenge now. Last year winners are Heidi Loke and Thorir Hergeirsson. We are witnessing fantastic handball year with EHF EURO 2012 in Serbia, Olympic Games in London, brilliant EHF CL Final in Podgorica and Gyor, many others great matches and events. It was really difficult to make selection, but we again decided to choose seven players (all team positions are included) and only three coaches.

Vote until December 28.


  1. Huge metal fan

    14. May 2013. at 10:49

    Now you can see what Tomori won: she is the top scorer in CL even though she could notplay in the final stage.
    She is a perfect player. She became top scorer from the right back position where she is ‘only a stopgap’ as she is right handed(!).
    absolutely top defender together with Amorim and Tervel.
    Bulatovic is still fine player but not even nearly that universal like Tomori.
    If I very a coach no doubt I would buy Tomori instead of Bulatovic.

  2. dix

    8. May 2013. at 20:03


  3. szassza23

    29. December 2012. at 08:45

    Zsuzsanna Tomori is the best!!!!!!!!!!and the Hungarian national team!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Luiz Gustavo

    28. December 2012. at 15:50

    Big names, but Alexandra Nascimento (Bra) too can in votation.

  5. lav

    28. December 2012. at 13:42

    What she (Tomori) has won to be the best? Bulatovic has champions league with Buducnost, silver on OG where she was best scorer and gold from EC where she was best scorer and second best asistant. Those votes have no sense at all. For me the best was Popovic, because of her perfect game in final of CL against Gyori in Hungary where she scored 14 times, and because she was the main reason why Montenegro took silver on OG, she was fantastic. Tomori isn’t even close.

  6. The Mack

    27. December 2012. at 09:06

    Respect to Jovanka Radicevic and Clara Woltering(our Buducnost captain).
    But my vote goes to Katarina Bulatovic
    others are not worth mentioning

  7. Dingo303

    27. December 2012. at 08:49

    Zsuzsanna Tomori

  8. Li chun

    26. December 2012. at 18:17

    Excuse my ignorance but who is that Zsuzana Tomori?! I never heard about! But Bulatovic is a well known star who really lead Montenegro the the tremendous performances last year! So, there i s no doubt, Katarina Bulatovic is the best player of the world!

  9. Frad Imi

    26. December 2012. at 10:44

    Zsuzsi the Best no doubt about it!

  10. Huki

    26. December 2012. at 08:02

    zsuzsanna Tomori – not only as player but mentally the strongest !!!!!

  11. vantulek viktória

    25. December 2012. at 12:09

    Tomori Zsuzsanna the best!!!!!

  12. reynaud

    24. December 2012. at 21:08

    TOMORI the best sure!

  13. Anonymous

    24. December 2012. at 19:34

    kaca je zlatna.i bice jos zlata a tomori moze samo tu biti prva…

  14. Sasa Nikolic

    24. December 2012. at 17:25

    Milena Knezevic ili Katarina Bulatovic, birajte…

  15. ivan botraszarik

    24. December 2012. at 05:18


  16. Vukic Vuk

    23. December 2012. at 19:42

    Jovanka Rdicevic

  17. Fatime

    23. December 2012. at 13:17

    Zsuzsa Tomori

  18. Tamara Ivanković

    23. December 2012. at 10:56

    Katarina Bulatovic

  19. Tar Csaba

    23. December 2012. at 09:53

    Tomori Zsuzsanna

  20. 9-er

    23. December 2012. at 09:19

    Another one:
    And it is strange that list doesn’t include true MVP’s for Norway side in 2012. Those 2 MVP’s saved Norway team from debacle at least 3 times this season.
    1. W.C. in Brasil group stage match with Montenegro
    2. O.G. in London 1/4 finals match with Brasil
    3. O.G. in London final match with Montenegro
    Do u have any idea who those 2 might be?
    Another hint: Those 2 are sisters and they seam more French than Norwegian. However they’ve earned at least tribute statues in OSLO

  21. 9-er

    23. December 2012. at 09:18

    Some FB Comments on which i totally agree.
    (did copy/paste coz my English spelling isn’t so good)

    Katarina Bulatović, Bojana Popović, Jovanka Radičević, Milena Knežević, Loke. In this year they’ve accomplshed more than any other girl on that list.( In club and in national team competitions). Regardless of Bojanas retirement after OG in London, her results and stats as team leader in Budućnost and Montenegrin national squad are way above any accomplishment of players who I didn’t mention. Be honest and admit. So cut the crap with Tomori, Edin, Lekić, Gorbicz …….;
    So The List should have Milena Knežević & Bojana Popović as voting options. But still my vote would go to Katarina Bulatović.
    Anyways Milena Knežević (22yrs) showed that she is the most complete handball player but still young. (great defender and in attack the beast). She is leading scorer in Champions League 2012/2013, leader in assists and second best scorer at euro 2012, Assists leader at the Olympic tournament.
    About Jovanka Radičević- most complete winger in the world. She plays as right winger, left winger and when needed the pivot (line player) she is great in defense too (as all Montenegrin girls are, that’s just team standard meaning that u cant play for Montenegrin team if u suck in defense). Try to find any winger in the world who can match that Jovankas skills and stats. (3-rd scorer of euro 2012)

  22. felvidéki ferenc

    22. December 2012. at 17:15

    Tomori Zsuzsa

  23. Anonymous

    22. December 2012. at 14:30

    Zsuzsanna Tomori

  24. Vilmos Pálfi

    22. December 2012. at 13:49

    Considering the necessity of the defensive and offensive elements in a great player, Zsuzsanna Tomori currently is far the best player.

  25. Zoltan Varga

    22. December 2012. at 13:28

    Tomori Zsuzsanna

  26. Gaál Mihályné

    22. December 2012. at 13:24

    Tomori Zsuzsanna

  27. bucur elena

    22. December 2012. at 12:57

    katarina bulatovic

  28. Gaál Mihály

    22. December 2012. at 09:53

    Zsuzsanna Tomori

  29. Vestergaard

    21. December 2012. at 21:00

    Tomori, far the be(a)st!

  30. Anonymous

    21. December 2012. at 19:12

    Zsuzsa Tomori

  31. ákos szabó

    21. December 2012. at 17:50

    Zsuzsanna Tomori

  32. anonymus

    21. December 2012. at 16:20

    tomori zsuzsana

  33. Robert

    21. December 2012. at 16:12

    Heidi Loke

  34. cara

    21. December 2012. at 09:55

    katarina bulatovic

  35. Janketic Velizar

    21. December 2012. at 00:38

    katarina bulatovic

  36. Rade Spalevic

    20. December 2012. at 20:54

    katarina bulatovic

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