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Alfred Gislason is the World’s Best Male Coach in 2012!

The World’s Best Male Coach in 2012 is Alfred Gislason (60,1%) from THW Kiel! Icelandic coach has fantastic year with outstanding winning series of German team with the titles in Bundesliga and EHF VELUX Champions League. The second place has won Danish NT coach, Ulrik Wilbek with 27,6% of all votes, while French Olympic winner, Claude Onesta is third with 12,3%.

Results based on 5356 votes:
ALFRED GISLASON  3222 (60,1%)
ULRIK WILBEK 1478 (27,6%)
CLAUDE ONESTA 656 (12,3%)



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  2. V

    10. January 2013. at 23:01

    So unfair. Compare his achievements to those of Adzic and thi is ridiculous

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