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Marko Markis owner of Knowledge is power! is interested in interesting handball stories and projects. One of them is made by Marko Markis, goalkeeper coach and owner of His evolution of trainings give as opportunity to see handball future in present time.

What is Handball GK training?

– We are certified company dedicated to develop new level of handball goalkeeping. My mission is to inspire goalkeepers, trainers in their work and show them the right way how to evolve their expertise. After six years of hard work and building new strategy through researches and work with elite goalkeepers I decided to unite my knowledge and experience into company.

Who can benefit from buying your materials?

– Goalkeepers, coaches, handball enthusiasts. Our goal was that this exercises are adapted and explained for any age or level of expertise. Advantage of this materials that they are developed through researches in top end sport laboratory using most advanced available technology (EMG). Its first time in the world that this kind of researches used for handball goalkeeper. Exercises are divided in genres warm up, technique, physical fitness, reaction time, footwork and they are all in methodical order. Demonstrator of exercises is Filip Ivic one of the biggest talents in the world and all the videos are filmed in HD resolution.

What you accomplished as a coach in your field of expertise?

-For last six years I worked with dozen national team goalkeepers from Croatia, Sweden and Slovenia such as Filip Ivic (RK PPD Zagreb), Matej Asanin (Ballingen), Mikael Appelgren (RN Lowen) etc. For me personally biggest accomplishment is developing goalkeeper training on new level by using knowledge and technology. I must mention that few week ago I was lecturing for Swedish handball federation and proud that they accept my way of thinking and put my materials in their education for goalkeeper coaches.

How important is goalkeeper in the team?

-Most of the coaches would say that a goalkeeper is at least 50% of the team. Especial you can see that in EHF Euro 2016 in Poland. Without support of goalkeeper there is impossible to achieve any positive result.

What things do you currently do in your trainings that are keys of success?

-The key to be successful as a goalkeeper coach is first of all that you approach goalkeepers individually. It means that every goalie is different in their anthropology, mental characteristics, genetic predispositions, technical and tactical knowledge. Only when you recognize goalie “skills” you can develop periodization of training to take effect. In top level competitions video analysis are crucial advantage because automatisation in players shots always occure.

Who is a top goalkeeper for you?

-Top goalkeeper is nothing but the person able to reduce posibility of mistake on the desirable level. In order to process some movements we can use up to 600 muscles in a specific order. Greater force we use and more variables we involve in movement processing it is greater probability for mistake to occur.

What is your challenge in the future?

-Till end of February I will be in Sweden and after that I am open minded for cooperation with clubs, individual trainings, video analysis or lectures.

What would be your ultimate achievement?

-For me Olympic games are holy grail of sport – concluded Marko Markis.

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