IHF: New five rules for Rio!

The International Handball Federation announced change or rules based on successful test during 2015. The Bazel’s office sent official announcement to the members – national handball federations.

The rule changes were tested at the 2015 Men’s Junior and Youth World Championships in Brazil and Russia, respectively. According to the surveys conducted by the IHF in collaboration with the participating teams, technical delegates and referees after the aforementioned World Championships, the rules concerned were positively received and met with the approval of the participants.

Therefore, the following five changes to the Rules of the Game, as presented by the IHF New Rules Working Group, were unanimously ratified by the IHF Council, in its meeting in Sochi, Russia on 6 November 2015, and announced at the XXXV Ordinary IHF Congress in Sochi on 7 November 2015:

1. Goalkeeper as a player: The goalkeeper may be used as a seventh field player.

2. Injured player: An injured player should leave the playing court after receiving medical care on the court and can only re-enter after the third attack of his team is complete.

3. Passive play: After showing the forewarning signal the team forewarned has a total of 6 passes to shoot on goal.

4. Last minute: In Rules 8:5, 8:6, 8:10c and 8:10d, the wording “last minute of a game” should be replaced by “last 30 seconds of a game”.

5. Blue card: The referees have a blue card in addition to the yellow and red ones to provide more clarity regarding the disqualification of a player. If this card is shown, a written report will accompany the score sheet and the Disciplinary Commission will be responsible for further actions.

For further details, please refer to the five changes to the Rules of the Game, available for download under the following link:


The document is also available for download on the website of the International Handball Federation under the following link:




  1. Andrew Watuha

    3. March 2016. at 21:53

    There will be no more ‘monkey business’ of feigning injury to waste time then play again immediately!

  2. yusuf ibrahim

    3. March 2016. at 17:44

    That’s good we loved it

  3. Titus kesekwa

    3. March 2016. at 05:32

    Titus kesekwa from Kenya.
    new rules are extremely fair and will make handball more entertainment and more fun. Good Job IHF officials.

  4. julius muli

    2. March 2016. at 21:22

    The game will be more enjoy able

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