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FA Goppingen win EHF Cup for the third time!

German Frisch Auf Goppingen have won the Men’s EHF Cup trophy for the third time! The team led by Magnus Andersson beat easier than expected host team HBC Nantes 32:26 (13:10) at the final match! Žarko Šešum was voted for the MVP of the match, but Schiller and Kneule with seven goals each were TOP scorers among the winners.

FRISCH AUF!: Tatai (1.-28.), Prost (28.-60.); Kraus 1, Kneule 7, Späth 3, Nyokas (ne), Lobedank (ne), Barud 1, Sesum 4, Fontaine 3, Kaufmann (ne), Kristensen, Berg, Schiller 7/2, Pfahl 2, Halen 4.

HBC: Schulz, Skof; Entrerrios, Gharbi, Claire 4, Rivera 8/2, Nyateu 1, Ivic 2, Camarero 1, Tournat 4, Feliho 1, Derot, Komogorov, Salinas 3, Balaguer2, Lagarde.

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