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THW Kiel lost the Championship Race in Germany?

TV Grossvallstadt made a fantastic surprise in front of the 10250 spectators in Kiel winning over the “Zebras” 28:25 (12:12) and probably finished the Champions battle in Toyota Handball Bundesliga this season. For the first time ever, HSV Hamburg will win the trophy, but THW Kiel still have chances to win the DHB Cup or the EHF Champions League.
THW Kiel:
Omeyer (26.-60., 7/1 saves), Palicka (1.-26., 3 saves); K. Andersson (n.e.), Lundström (1), Dragicevic (1), Sprenger, Ahlm (1), Kubes, Reichmann (1), Zeitz (8), Palmarsson (5), Narcisse (1), Ilic (6/5), Jicha (1); Trainer: Gislason
TV Großwallstadt:
M. Andersson (1.-60., 19/2 saves), Wolff ); Spatz (7/2), Weinhold (7), Kneer (1), Tiedtke, Larsson (4), Jakobsson, Schäpsmeier (2), Kunz (4/3), Szücs (3), Kossler (n.e.), Maas (n.e.), Liebald (n.e.); Trainer: David
THW coach, Alfred Gislason was unsatisfied after the match>
– Away team deserved to win, with very concentrated defense and fantastic Andersson behind them. I must say that today was a day, when everything goes wrong. Defense was bad from the beginning and also, we had a lot of missed shots. We didn’t find our rhythm, made a lot of mistakes and that is the main reason for our defeat.
Difference between HSV Hamburg and THW Kiel is now six points, eight games before the end of Championship.
1 HSV Hamburg 49:3
2 THW Kiel 43:9
3 Füchse Berlin 41:13
4 Rhein-Neckar Löwen 39:11
5 Frisch Auf Göppingen 39:15
6 SG Flensburg-Handewitt 35:17
7 SC Magdeburg 32:20
8 VfL Gummersbach 30:24
9 TBV Lemgo 27:23
10 TV Grosswallstadt 26:28
11 HSG Wetzlar 20:32
12 HBW Balingen-Weilstetten 16:36
13 TuS N-Lübbecke 15:33
14 MT Melsungen 15:39
15 TSG Lu.-Friesenheim 11:39
16 HSG Ahlen-Hamm 11:41
17 TSV Hannover-Burgdorf 11:41
18 DHC Rheinland 8:44
Photo: Sascha Klahn
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