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46th Interamnia Cup calls you in Teramo

The Interamnia World Cup is approaching the 46th edition of the tournament (5-11 July 2018) stronger and prouder of its experience, thanks also to the fame achieved on the international field for its originality and for the richness of its technical-sports and social-cultural contents.

We heartily invite you to take part in our tournament and to duly keep in mind that in Teramo you will experience what lacks in other tournament, even though most other tournaments were actually created in the wake of ours.

In fact, in our city you will not find a great number of teams coming from bordering countries, but you will discover a more human dimension, based on teams coming from various countries of the 5 continents.

You will have the occasion to feel comfortable in a friendly and hospitable city which through the tournament has always promoted original and significant initiatives in favour of solidarity and brotherhood among peoples.

In view of the next tournament, even in consideration of the great number of clubs of various countries wanting to participate, we are reinvigorating the event in all its contents and giving more attention to all those logistic aspects which have lately been overlooked. We are also taking advantage of the precious support offered by a new and important partner of ours, the University of Teramo, with whom we have made a cooperation agreement.

Keeping in mind the above, we feel ready to receive a greater number of enthusiastic participants, conscious of the fact that they are coming to Teramo to give life to a unique “performance” in the world.

Our eager invitation to come and spend a whole week of sport, tourism and fun in Teramo, as always is addressed to everyone, without distinction of race, tradition and political beliefs.


You have at least 15 good reasons to take part in the Interamnia World Cup. “Let’s explore it together”


  1. Because I want to find out why everybody says they love Teramo

  2. Because Interamnia World Cup is not an ordinary tournament

  3. Because I will compete in my favourite sport

  4. Because I will meet peers from all over the world

  5. Because Interamnia World Cup is much more than a handball tournament. It is a life experience

  6. Because it feels like a trip around the world in one week

  7. Because after playing a match I can decide whether to go to the beach or have a walk immersed in the wilderness of the mountains

  8. Because I can be part of the show by participating in the inauguaral parade

  9. Because I can be a beauty queen for one night

  10. Because I can savour typical Italian dishes

  11. Because only in Italy there are beautiful cities such as Rome, Venice, and Florence.

  12. Because Interamnia World Cup promotes a healthy and ethical lifestyle, geared towards the highest values of sport and cultural exchange

  13. Because it is really possible through sports to try and tear down racist behaviours and live in solidarity among different cultures and their social contexts

  14. Because I feel at the center of the world

  15. Because I also want to say “I love Teramo” and its Interamnia World Cup

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