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47th tournament in Struga: Three domestic teams to chase AEK, Proleter and Eskilstuna

The 47th International Handball Tounament in Struga starts on Wednesday. Three domestic, Macedonian teams, Greek AEK, Swedish Eskilstuna and Serbian RK Proleter Zrenjanin will fight for the trophy on the “open-sky” tournament at court “Naumce Mojsovski” in beautiful enviroment of Ohrid Lake.

Take a look on schedule…


18:30  Struga – Proleter Zrenjanin

20:00  Opening ceremony

21:00  AEK – Butel


18:30  Eurofarm Rabotnik – Proleter Zrenjanin

20:30  Ekilstuna Guif – Butel


18:30  AEK – Ekilstuna Guif

20:15  Exibition match

21:30  Eurofarm Rabotnik – Struga


17:45  Fifth place

19:30  Third place

21:15  Final

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