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AG Copenhagen won derby against Kolding!

New formed “Super Team” of AG Copenhagen begins to pay what is invested in him. AG won derby match against KIF Kolding 31:30 at the court of one of the biggest rivals at the national scene. After “Super Handball” how this game was called from Danish media, AG has four points from two matches of Jack & Jones League and KIF just one after they made a draw in the first round.

KIF-AG 30-31 (17-18)

KIF Kolding: Lars Christiansen 9, Kasper Søndergaard 6, Lasse Mikkelsen 5 (3), Mads Forslund 3, Mohammed Toromanovic 3, Bo Spellerberg 1, Lukas Karlsson 1, Ratko Nikolic 1

AG Copenhagen: Mikkel Hansen 7, Niclas Ekberg 6 (3), Stefan Hundstrup 5, Cristian Malm Agro Viana 4, Joachim Boldsen 4, Rene Toft Hansen 2, Snorri Guðjónsson two (2), Jacob Baker Place 1

Expulsions: KIF Kolding 4, AG Copenhagen 6

Spectators: 1360


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