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Alex Dujshebaev for Handball-Planet: Happy to play in a city that loves handball

Alex Dujshebaev playing his seventh season in Polish Kielce. The champions of Poland, who passed through a turbulent period, still dreaming big on domestic and international stage with Dujshebaev family in front – Talant as a coach, Alex and Daniel as players. The 30-years old Spanish right back, for many years, one of the best on his position in world of handball, striving to win all the trophies on the table including EHF Champions League which Kielce lost two years in a row at the final.

The older brother Dujshebaev talks for about career in Kielce and life in Poland.

How do you rate start of the season for Kielce from 1 to 5?

  • I would say 3, 3 and a half. It was not the best, it wasn’t start we like the most, but we won some important points against difficult rivals in very tight group. We had a lot of injuries and difficult moments. Maybe we could take some point more, but it is OK. The season is going on, everything is under control.

How do you see the start of other powerhouses of European handball?

  • In our group we are equal. Level between the teams like Kiel, Aalborg, PSG or Kolstad are quite the same, every match is tough to win and winning points are really demanding. To best Szeged or Zagreb is tough job, especially in their halls. This is probably the most leveled group in the recent years. It was bigger gap between teams in term of quality in some previous seasons. Every point counts.

You lost two EHF Champions League finals in a row at Lanxess Arena in Cologne. Which hurts more?

  • Uh, interesting question. Suffering is the same, you are losing trophy, but in my mind is the last against Magdeburg. We had a chance, leading most of the match, we could win it in regular time, but match went to extra time and we lost. It is always a disappointment.

How do you recuperate after it?

  • Like always in life, you need time. Firstly, you have to think that it is sport. Keep working. Head up. I know that we are working in a good way, in good mood, keeping the same direction and same level of motivation. That is how I am sure that we will suceed in the future.

When you lost final against Barca in 2022, you meet Gonzalo Perez de Vargas on his weeding few days after…

  • That is another part of our life. I congratulate him for weeding and win. Final was sad moment for us, but very nice for him. He is doing good job and he is a great goalkeeper.

Are you ready for the third EHF CL final in a row?

  • Not many teams make it in the history of our sport. In the early part of the season we need to improve ourselves and to stay healthy. We all know that the most important part of the season is the last two or three months. We have to continue to get ready for the finish of the season. important season as at the end.

Your biggest rival on the national stage is Wisla Plock. They lost profile like Sergei Kosorotov in the last summer, change the roster a bit. Are they better or worse than a year before?

  • This season, as we still didn’t play against each other, I am following more results than a game play, but I can tell you that he was a key player in the recent years. He had that kind of style which is difficult to copy, so probably they needed to change their team style a little bit. When you lose few games in a row it is always difficult, but Wisla has a good team, players and they will keep fighting for the trophies.

You left Spain 10 years ago. First destination was Skopje where you won EHF Champions League with RK Vardar in 2017 afterwards Kielce became your home in 2017. Did you expect to stay that long in Poland?

  • Honestly, no, I didn’t even thinking about it. It was a moment, my decision and choice, chance to play in good team with a good coach in the city which loves handball. I didn’t think what will happen in 5-7 years, trying to enjoy the moment and focus on every next season. And look now, I am almost captain, one of the oldest guys in the team. It’s sounds nice and it is

How do you like Poland?

  • Nice country. Kielce is also a nice city with people who love the club and enjoy handball. I am trying to make them happy with my attitude and efforts which invest in the team performance. I like Polish people. Food is also good. The only thing which I would like to change a bit is climate, but after so many years you used on it. I am happy to be here and decision to spent so many years was definitely the good one.

Can you imagine to play for some time which isn’t coached by your father Talant Dujshebaev?

  • Oh, yes, of course, I can imagine. Right now, we are here together, but proffesional sport is a process of permanent changes. This is a part of my career, for him too, but we know that some day we will go in different directions. That isn’t anything dramatic, it’s only a part of our job.

What are differences between Talant as a coach, father and grandfather?

  • Quite different persons. I always saying that he is the best coach in the world. I am proud to have him in the sport, he speaks always the truth, he is open with the team and clear in his relationships with players. If he doesn’t like something, he will tell you directly. He won’t keep it and pretend that everything is OK. He is honest person. I think that is a good characteristic, to manage various situation with a clear approach. He is very good grandfather, he is giving too much to the kids, but it’s a part of grandpa role. When you are father, you have to set more rules and be strict. His role is to enjoy and be more relaxed.

If you have power what you would like to change in handball?

  • I would like to see more global sports. I love handball, really. To make a better product and more relevant as a business in the whole world, not just in Europe, would be great. This is the key and my wish – said Alex Dujshebaev for
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