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Anja Andersen sacked in Oltchim Valcea!

Second defeat for Romanian Oltchim Valcea at the Main Round of the Women’s EHF Champions League against Spanish TOP side, Itxako was decisive for a destiny of Anja Andersen as a coach of Romanian champions.  Last informations from Denmark’s is that Andersen is sacked by club Management just 30 days after they appointed her.

After two defeats against Itxako, it is clear that Romanian team need to win, at least, in Podgorica against Budućnost, if they still want to achieve semifinal of this year CL edition.

Andersen came in Valcea last month…

She had a big plan with Oltchim…



  1. Elena

    11. March 2011. at 09:56

    *: God bless Anja ANDERSEN!

  2. Elena

    11. March 2011. at 09:53

    Anja is the best thing that ever happened to the Romanian handball. She did for us more then anybody else did in 22 years.
    The mean management from Valcea fooled her and this is intolerable. It is very important for us that Anja knows she was very respected and admired and welcome and loved in Romania, by all civilized Romanians.
    She showed us another way of doing business, another way to follow in life, she was very caregiving with her players and she showed us how to respect and enjoy this sport. Unfortunately, Romanians, even after 22 years since communism, are not ready yet for such experiences.
    We are very honered to have met her even for such a very short time, we are terribly sorry and ashamed for what happpened to her because of some coward Romanians and we will love her forever. As a coach, we will support her and her team always and if she ever coaches near us we will happily go cheering for her team. God bless Anja Angersen!

  3. 14yearsoldguyfromromania

    8. March 2011. at 01:04

    you are all fouls, no offence! Anja is not the same person anymore. nobody asked her more than a semifinal, considering we were at least semifinalists in the last years.

    she was spending also time in Denmark, doing trips, she was partying too much with the girls instead of doing real training.

    these girls from Oltchim transformed from a top team into girls that cant run more than 30 minutes! Itxako played like a practice last 15 minutes…

    nobody asked Andersen more than a good coach could do in this moment: to beat the big underdogs, Valcea was big, big favourite against Itxako! even the bookies predicted at least 5 goals win

    no offence again, but she also had an easy objective this year, just to beat Krim and Itako home to qualify, considering she already had a win against Buducnost. nobody asked her to lift the trophee from this year!

    Oltchim is top, not a lousy team and the roster is bigger than of Viborg so when we faced 2-3 injuries it was still easy

    not to mention she prefered to play only with 1 pivot in the team, instead of having a cover for Manea, not keeping Stanca who is even better in the stands

  4. Vlad

    7. March 2011. at 20:22

    Outrageous decision from a management incapable of thinking long term. She started something great there!

  5. oana

    7. March 2011. at 18:39

    Anja is the best coach ever! I’m from Romania and I received with great sorrow the news that she was fired from Oltchim. I’m so sorry that leaders from Oltchim proved so untrustworthy and that they understood nothing of her vision. I admire and I respect her very much, like all roumanians hanball fans.The only ones who understand her vision and really loved her in Romania were the fans, the Romanian supporters. Too bad it does not put them in one account, too bad that their opinion does not matter.

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