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Antonio Garcia Robledo to Pick Szeged

Spanish left back Antonio Garcia Robledo is on the way to sign a deal with Hungarian second best team Pick Szeged. Spanish coach Juan Pastor, who leads Hungarian team from the last summer planning to make stronger resistance to Veszprem in the upcoming years and prepares squad for that. Current PSG Handball member is the person who is on his wish list and agreement between them is already reached…



  1. hartza0

    8. May 2014. at 18:06

    Very good signing in my opinion. Pick Szeged are doing a very interesting team for upcoming season. New players are very suitables for the Pastor sistems and I think the changes will get better the team and Pick szeged can become a serius oponent for Veszprem . Sierra/Wyszomirski; Vadkerti/Kallman; Ilyes/Garcia/Blacevic; Mindegia/Bombac; Ancsin/Balogh; Parrondo/Prodanovic and Zubai/Vranjes…..It looks a very strong team, a Champions League team in my opinion.

  2. alex

    7. May 2014. at 03:09

    Good player for Szeged .

  3. Zùveek

    6. May 2014. at 14:59

    With Mikkel Hansen as number1 and now the coming of William Accambray, there was no place for him anymore.
    I hope he will have more gameplay in Pick Szeged than in PSG. It’s a shame he was “underused”

    How about a new coach for PSG next season… that would be a good idea.

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