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ASOBAL (Round 7): Fast recovery for Barca

In the openning match of Round 7 in ASOBAL, F.C Barcelona had easy job against Cuenca 35:22 (18:17). Obviosly, Catalan team had fast recovery after European weekend in which they were negative surprise of Champions League, when they lost in France against Chambery and put themselves in difficult position (just three points from four games). Now, Barcelona didn’t let any chance to their rival and celebrated secure win.

35. FC Barcelona Borges (18+17): Saric (Sjöstrand, p.s.); Noddesbo (1), Juanín (7, 2p), Entrerríos, Sorhaindo (2), Sarmiento (2), Ugalde (2), Romero (2), Nagy (4), Jernemyr, Rutenka (4), Rocas (7) e Igropulo (4).
22. Cuenca 2016 (13+9):
Kappelin (De Hita, p.s.); Corzo (4, 1p), Sabonis (4), Rafael López (1), Mendoza (1), Dacosta (6), Pavan (1), Gamuz (1), Ivankovic (2), Markovic (2p), Grosas, Hugo López y Pedro Rodríguez.

Barcelona is now first with seven of seven scores. Only more time, who is unbeatable is Ciudad Real.


1FC Barcelona Borges14
2Renovalia Ciudad Real*12
3Reale Ademar *12
4Cuatro Rayas Valladolid*10
5Fraikin Granollers*10
6Naturhouse La Rioja*6
7Amaya Sport San Antonio*6
8Quabit BM Guadalajara*5
9Cuenca 20165
10BM Alcobendas*4
11CAI BM. Aragón *4
12Alser-BM Puerto Sagunto*3
13J.D. Arrate*3
14BM. Torrevieja*2
15e-gym BM. Antequera*2
16Lábaro Toledo BM*0
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