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Azoty Pulawy sacked Lars Walther after COVID-19 recovery: Big shock for me!

Lars Walther is no longer coach of Azoty Pulawy. Ex Wisla Plock coach who won the last Championship with this team, made a great comeback to the Polish League. Azoty Pulawy are second at the table with 14 wins and three defeats, but Walther lost his job soon after he left hospital in Lublin, where he was recovering from COVID-19. 

Dane sent official letter to explain what happened…

“What has happened in the last 3 weeks is a great shock to me. On March 5 I started to have some flu-like symptoms, I had 39 fever and had to stay in bed. I felt so bad that I was not able to be a part of the game against Opole, So I had to stay at home. After this, I started testing for corona, which was all negative. Then I could start testing for other things at the clinic Internus in Pulawy. They did a very good job and found out that I had Pneumonia. They thought that it was post-covid 19 problems. I spend a few days more at home, where it went worse. So I contacted the club because I felt that I needed a hospital. I more or less didn’t receive any help regarding this matter. I know somebody private who really did everything and made sure that I could get a bed at the university hospital in Lublin. At the hospital, they took blood test and found out that it was post covid 19 lung infection. After 10 days at the hospital, they released me and I was ready to go to work. But in this time period, something has happened, I could start to see on the social media that there would come a new coach to Pulawy, a journalist wrote to me about this matter. I was the only guy who didn’t know anything about this. This is where I am a little bit in shock. Somebody could at least have phoned me. Told me what was going on. All clubs have their right to fire a coach. But communication and good human behavior would have solved many things.

So now we have to go through court to solve this matter.

The only information I got during my hospital stay was an SMS, where they wished me a speedy recovery.

It was speedy, but not speedy enough.

Lars Walther

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