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Barca coach Xavi Pascual: Performance in Kiel was incredible

THW Kiel coach Filip Jicha was dissapointed after defeat of his team against Barcelona 26:32:

  • Congratulations to Xavi and Barça on their deserved victory. I am very disappointed. During the preparation I noticed with my players that they were actually ready to beat Barça. But to be honest, we didn’t have much of a chance in the second half. 20 missed throws and 14 technical errors are far too many to survive against a team that delivers at such a high level. Now we have to start again, get back on our way. We have our goals and to achieve them we will have to work even harder.

Barça coach Xavi Pascual:

  • Our performance was incredible. We played very well in defense and attack, and then we had Kevin Möller. I’m a little sad that there weren’t any fans in the hall today. I admit that played into our cards. But it wasn’t good for handball as a whole. I hope that we can leave this situation behind us soon.
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