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Barca Lassa cut 70% of player’s salaries

FC Barcelona have suffering tough moments due crisis. Management of the biggest sports society in the world cut salaries of all athletes for 70%.

“The coronavirus seems that it goes to cause a new stage in the the politics of signings of all the clubs of the world. The stop by this illness is causing losses of million euros to a lot of teams, included the FC Barcelona, that carries without increase an alone euro since it announced that it suspended the football. Without rights of television, without the entrances of the Camp Nou, without the sponsorships and without the money by the products of the shops, the economy of the azugrana is right now tiritando.

In the club know that they can not follow as up to now indefinitely and by this reason already are planning an ERTE to all his workers. The Barça recortará the wages of all the players of all the sections in 70% to try survive of the best possible way to this crisis. With measures so extreme like that, from ‘Sportive World’ ensure that the sportive planning is at the expense of how solve all this“.

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