Bent, who are you? Ex-handball coach or supreme epidemiologist?

Demanding time in handball world after EHF and DHF decision to organize Women’s EHF EURO 2020 in Denmark in situation of pandemic which making troubles to the whole world at the end of 2020.

Handball “experiment”, the first major continental sports event in “corona 2020” began on December 3 in Herning and Kolding. Teams are in the “red bubble”, the concept which should prevent all participants from “positive cases” and negative effects which could make disastrous ending of one unstable idea forced by Per Bertelsen to organize such an event in situation when everything else is more important.

The first problem came with Romanian girls in which team one girl tested positive upon arrival. In the Serbian team two players became positive in two days. Team is waiting for the third testing on Saturday morning, but one voice already sent home Andrea Lekic and other Serbian stars.

The Danish TV2 “expert” Bent Nyegaard, local player and the coach at age of 69, has no time to wait in order to save the product from “infection”.

“Now that the infection has spread to the Serbian team, they must be excluded from the European Championships. It is about timely care. I also think that will be the decision that the EHF comes to. They can not risk a chain of infection starting, says Bent Nyegaard in his daily  and continues:

– We have seen in our small handball league at home how it could hit four teams in the men’s league in a short time. The EHF simply cannot afford it. Unfortunately, there is nothing to do but send Serbia out, and then we have to get a – maybe – weaker team to the intermediate round. It’s not the biggest disaster in terms of keeping track of the red bubble”, concluded Nyegaard.

Epidemiologist “on duty” in his free time obviously don’t care about the “actors” since the supreme majesty of our time “TV rights” keeping their camera on. 

Instead of writing about tactics, good and bad defenses, maybe overload of the girls who played only several matches from the start of the season in certain European Leagues and now have to “kill the muscles” in 10 days “bubble”, Nyegaard wants to be remembered as the first men who called for “red card” in the history of the EHF EURO events.

“Serbs, out”. This is obviously the only way to be remembered across the Danish border.

What will happen in 7-10 days when it’s possible to have “results” of 12-14 teams arrivals to Denmark via regular flights with hundreds of “ordinary people” who were around them, sleeping, snoring, or drinking coffee? Nyegaard will obviously give us a solution. Maybe the only team should stay – Denmark?

Nyegaard remembers the 90’s. Prophecy is speaking about UEFA EURO 1992, when Danish football team got a chance to play UEFA EURO 1992 instead of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro) and won at the end. Who knows, maybe “expelling” the Serbs could be a good sign or the only chance for Denmark to finally won something in women’s handball after many frustrating years in which Nyegaard established himself as the “daily handball brain”…

Who are you, guy? 

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