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BIH VS Iceland: No Terzic, No Palmarsson!

Bosnia and Herzegovina will try to qualify for the first big event in the history – World Championship 2015 in Qatar by victory over Iceland at Play-Off in the next weekends. Bosnian head-coach, Dragan MArkovic Marka will have to do that without the biggest name of the team – Mirsad Terzic from MKB Veszprem, but at the same time, Aron Kristiansson has the same problem with THW Kiel’s star Aron Palmarsson, who will miss match in Sarajevo on Saturday – 20.15.

Here is Icelandic squad:

Björg­vin Páll Gúst­avs­son, Die Berg­ische Hand­ball Club
Svein­björn Pét­urs­son, Aue
Al­ex­and­er Peters­son, Rhein-Neckar Löwen
Arn­ór Atla­son, St. Rap­hael
Arn­ór Þór Gunn­ars­son, Die Berg­ische Hand­ball Club
Ásgeir Örn Hall­gríms­son, Par­is Hand­ball
Bjarki Már Elís­son, Eisenach
Bjarki Már Gunn­ars­son, Aue
Guðjón Val­ur Sig­urðsson, THW Kiel
Gunn­ar Steinn Jóns­son, Nan­tes
Ólaf­ur Andrés Guðmunds­son, Kristiansta­dt
Ró­bert Gunn­ars­son, Par­is Hand­ball
Snorri Steinn Guðjóns­son, GOG
Sver­re Andreas Jak­obs­son, TV Grosswallsta­dt 
Vign­ir Svavars­son, TWD Mind­en
Thórir Ólafs­son, KS Vive Targi Kielce

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