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Bob Hanning confirms: Fuchse Berlin decline Veszprem’s offer for Petar Nenadic

German Berliner Zeitung bring the story about the intention of Hungarian Telekom Veszprem to sign Serbian playmaker Petar Nenadic from Fuchse Berlin! According to this source, Hungarians want 31-years old shooter immediately, as they need to fill the gap after a surprising decision of Icelandic Aron Palmarsson to refuse to join the team’s preparation in the last year of his contract.

Manager of Füchse Berlin, Bob Hanning, said it to Berliner Zeitung:

  • Yes, it’s true. Before the season there was a request, which we however declined. If someone still has a contract, they are not for sale. I did not want to make the problems of others mine. The Hungarians suddenly needed a playmaker because they lost Aron Palmarsson. We will talk about the topic of whether we want to continue the “Nenadic concept” with the coach in November. There will be no decision until December,” Bob Hanning stated and continued:
  • It would be a pity if he leaves, but if Petar wants to go, he will go. It has been this way for years. Steffen Fäth, unfortunately, decided at an early stage to leave us to go to the Rhein-Neckar Löwen, I’m not sure if he would do that again at this moment. I am quite relaxed with the situation, nor are we in the decision-making phase.

Negotiations between Telekom Veszprem and FC Barcelona Lassa about “buying-out” last year of Aron Palmarsson contract, are still active. The Icelandic star will join Spanish team next summer, but still, they want to see him ready and fit, without season’s break which can decrease his playing potential.

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