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Bundesliga (Round 11): HSV Hamburg conquer Berlin in last second!

High-scoring game, lots of emotions and action brought us the north-German derby between HSV Hamburg and hosts Fuchse Berlin. The game was won in the last second of the match, as Hans Lindberg scored against Petr Stochl, after Igropulo made a foul over Nilsson for the 7-meters. The “Foxes” hadn’t lost since the first round, and their only second defeat this season came at the hands of HSV Hamburg. Half-time lead of three goals was not enough to contain HSV Hamburg, who outrun Fuchse Berlin in the second half for a final win of 33:32. Hans Lindberg led the guests with 12 goals, while Fredrik Petersen had 8 goals for the home team.

THW Kiel kept the three-point distance to the second team after winning in Goppingen, while Hannover-Burgdorf bounced back from the German Cup defeat and won convincingly at home over Lemgo.

Scores: Goppingen 31:35 THW Kiel, Fuchse Berlin 32:33 HSV Hamburg, Hannover-Burgdorf 33:26 TBV Lemgo

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