Bundesliga (Round 14): Igropulo with 8 goals leads Füchse Berlin past SC Magdeburg

In the first game of the 14th round of the Bundesliga, SC Magdeburg welcomed Füchse Berlin in GETEC Arena in hope to take advantage of Fuchse’s fatigue considering their recent schedule. It began well for them, taking the lead and had 4:2 and 6:2, however the score in the 17th minute stood at 10:10 and by half time, it was one-sided game, the Berliners having 17:13 at half. SCM began strong in the second, and through Grafenhorst made it it 20:20. A goal-for-goal game followed, until the 55th minute when Igropulo makes it 31:29. Kneer for 30:31 and Laen for 32:30 for Füchse. Robert Weber again scores and it’s 31:32 for the visitors, and SCM get the ball after a failed attacked by Fuchse. However with Heinevetter‘s key save with 50 seconds to go and Jaszka‘s goal 5 seconds before the end, the “Foxes” ensure 33:31 victory.

Konstantin Igropulo led the “Foxes” with 8 goals (3 pen), while Stefan Kneer was an enigma for Fuchse’s goalkeepers and scored a total of 8 goals.

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