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Bundesliga (Round 33): Neuhausen relegated

Neuhausen is the second team about which is certain that they are going to be relegated and play in the “Zweite Bundesliga” next season. They were hosts this round against huge favorites Rhein-Neckar Loewen, and were bitterly defeated with 21-32 (12-15). At the moment being 3 points behind Gummersbach and with one game left for them – it’s all clear, relegation. For the Mannheim side this means moving again two points clear ahead of Flensburg on the second place with Flensburg having a game in hand, and the victory leaves Fuchse Berlin without the possibility to hope for the second place.¬†Andy Schmid led the “Lions with 7 goals, while Bjarte Myrhol had 6. Neuhausen’s best was Marcel Schiller with 6 goals.

In the other game today, Frisch auf Goppingen soundly defeated Grosswallstadt with 38:20.

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