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Cancellation epidemic in Montenegro NT, Mladen Rakčević: “Federation destroy our dreams”

Things in national team of Montenegro are going worse and worse. At the beggining of the qualification process for the EHF EURO 2012 in Serbia, Petar Kapisoda, Aleksandar Svitlica and Goran Stojanović said “Godbye” from the playing in national t-shirts. After series of bad results, after which Montenegro has no chances to reach another big event, after EHF EURO 2008 in Norway, where they finished 12th, line player, Mladen Rakčević, left backs, Vladimir Osmajić and Draško Mrvaljević, right back, Zoran Roganović, did the same:

– We didn’t deserved this kind of treatment from the national Federation. In last year and a half, nobody from the Federation didn’t came to give us a vote of confidence. If something not change in the near future, probably, I won’t play for NT anymore. I don’t speak because of debt which Federation has to players, because, money isn’t important, when you play for you country. I am speaking that someone destroying my dream to play from my own country. I am ready to play for Montenegro even as a grandfather 100 years old, but this kind of attitude from the Federation taking us nowhere.

Zoran Roganović, right back of Swedish Lund is also dissapointed:

– With their relation to NT, they killed our will to play for our country.  We have cult, great atmosphere, but now. I don’t believe that I have to stop to play for a country because of some people…

Montenegro won just two points in four matches of the Qualification for the EHF EURO 2012. They beated Israel in the last match. Before that, they lost three matches against Sweden, Slovakia and Israel (as a visitors).

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