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Celje PL champion of Slovenia!

After one season break, Celje Pivovarna Lasko is again champion of Slovenia! Before last round of the Championships (1.MIK Liga), team from Celje has three points more than last year champion, Gorenje. In 31. round, Celje celebrated win in Ormoz, where they beat domestic Jeruzalem 38:30 (20:11) and celebration of 17th national title started.

Since new structure of EHF Champions League, Slovenia has just one place for the Champion. Second placed, Gorenje will play in Cup EHF, Cimos Koper in Chalenge Cup and one more team, Trimo or Slovan. In Cup Winners Cup qualified Maribor Klima Petek.

Table after (29.round):

1. Celje Pivovarna Laško 9 games – 50 (37)
2. Gorenje 9 – 47 (32)
3. Cimos Koper 9 – 43 (31)
4. Trimo Trebnje 8 – 27 (22)
5. Slovan 8 – 26 (22)
6. Jeruzalem Ormož 9 – 21 (18)

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