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Champions League (M): Kielce, Kiel, Kobenhavn with the wins

Sunday brought us six champions league matches, and gave us some answers as to whom will most likely be seen in the TOP 16. With THW Kiel winning in Montpellier 34:31 and Ademar Leon winning in Belgrade 27:24 it now seems impossible not to see THW Kiel and Ademar Leon in the TOP16, as the probability for a surprise is very small. In the same group, Group D, AG Kobenhavn beat Szeged, and is only in theory not qualified. In Group B, as expected, Veszprem beat Bjerringbro away with 25:19, but now the group seems pretty open as Vive Kielce beat Fuchse Berlin at home with 32:29, and these means that three teams will likely fight for two places left for the TOP16 phase, and these are Chekhovski Medvedi, Fuchse Berlin with 7 points and Vive Kielce with 6 points, with 3 games left til the end of the group phase.In Group A, Savehof made things harder for Chambery, as the Swedish team won with32:31, and this leaves everything open, with Savehof, Kadetten and Chambery will have to fight for the two remaining places to TOP16, as Barcelona and Zagreb are already qualified.


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