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Champions League: MKB Veszprem surprises Atletico, Metalurg wins in Denmark!

In the most interesting match today, Atletico Madrid hosted MKB Veszprem in Vistalegre. Both teams aim high this year in the Champions League, and such was the match too – with high stake, the winner could end up first in the group. The match began with Atletico taking advantage, but MKB Veszprem immediately fought back, and at half time led with 15:13. In the second half Atletico fights back and equalizes to 26:26. Kiril Lazarov misses a penalty, and MKB score through Nagy, and in the end wins 27:26.

Metalurg made another big step forward to the final battle of the first place in the group with Vive Kielce, both teams are 3 of 3. After 4:2 for Metalurg, Bjerringbro-Silkeborg makes use of the home court advantage and takes the lead, at half time it is 14:11. Despite the numerous exclusions for Metalurg throughout the whole game (8 in total, Bjerringbro only 4) and even the four-minute continuing exclusion after Mirkulovski‘s red card (which meant Metalurg are to play with a player less in the final 4 minutes of the game), Metalurg had the brilliant Darko Stanic on the goal, and the attack finally started to work well in the end, and the final score stood at 26:23 for HC Metalurg. Mojsovski scored 7 goals for Metalurg.

Fuchse Berlin rehabilitated after the defeat in Barcelona, and took a convincing away win in Hungary. Pick Szeged could only fend Fuchse’s attacks off in the first half, at half time 14:14. In the second half, the team of Dagur Sigurdsson found its real form, and Pick Szeged were unable to parry. Nincevic scored 7 goals, Christophersen contributed with 6 for the visitors, Balogh topped the home team’s scorer list.

Flensburg trashed Chekhovski Medvedi at home with huge 36:26, hardly anyone imagined such big defeat for Russia’s best team. At half time Flensburg had 19:14, and only kept making it bigger and bigger, and in the end won by 10 goals. Gorbok, Kovalev and Shelmenko scored 5 goals each for the visitors, while Flensburg had Glandorf and Svan Hansen scoring 9 goals each.

In the final match of the third round of the Champions League, Montpellier without Karabatic and few other stars welcomed HSV Hamburg. HSV were the better team in the first half, and with Duvnjak, Lindberg and others in form, HSV had even 6 goals advantage at one point, but with good play in the final 10 minutes of the game, Montpellier made it only “bearable” 2 goals negative at half time, 16:14 for HSV Hamburg. HSV did not let the lead slip away, and with +2 in the second half, in the end they brought the points to Germany with 33:29. Lindberg scored 10 goals for HSV, Montpellier had Grebille with the same amount of goals.

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