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Scandal in Serbia between coach and players: Nightclubs, alcohol, fight and who is playing where?

Huge problems in Serbian handball on relation NT head-coach Jovica Cvetkovic and players. A month after winning a 12th place at Men’s EHF EURO 2018 in Croatia, some “TOP secrets” came to media. Daily newspaper Srpski Telegraf published a part of Cvetkovic’s review sent to Management Board of Serbian Handball Federation in which he criticized players “who spent three nights in Zagreb’s nightclubs during Championship”, among them Nenadic, Zelenovic, Djukic and Markovic as “leaders”, but also vice-president of Federation Dragan Skrbic for provocation, president Bozidar Djurkovic “who didn’t allow medical examinations before tournament, but also didn’t give money for video-analysist during Championship”, etc.

  • We have to say goodbye to players who didn’t deserve to be here with their behaviour -immediately. Do I have to be satisfied after all? Yes, and proud. I don’t want to put “under carpet” all bad things which happened because all people in Serbian handball – concluded Cvetkovic in his letter to Management Board.

Players ‘ reaction was brutal. They sent an official statement to media in Serbia in which they accused Jovica Cvetkovic fo alcoholism, lack of training appearances and psychical attack on Dragan Skrbic in Split during Preliminary Round.

“We have to say that every word in Jovica’s statement is lie. Let’s start from the beginning. Is it possible that head-coach of national team doesn’t know where playing his players? He asked captain Zarko Sesum “how is in Lowen” in a moment when Zarko playing his fourth season at Goppingen. Cvetkovic asked Bogdan Radivojevic “where are you playing now”, he didn’t know that! He went to Skopje to speak with Alem Toskic, who was already a member of RK Gorenje Velenje. Cvetkovic didn’t know 85% of rival’s players.

He didn’t attend 86% of our training, and when he was inside, he was always smoking in the hall. We used on smoking in changing room.

For seven days in a hotel, the bill only for alcohol was 1.200 EUR, then you don’t need to be surprised why coach was drunk every night. The culmination was a match against Belarus which he led drunk. In that “state” he punched vice-president Dragan Skrbic. It’s true as some players were there and split them”.

Management Board has a meeting in Tuesday where they will decide about all the things which happened in Croatia.



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