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Ciudad Real defend Super Globe title

One week before the EHF FINAL4 in Cologne, reigning EHF Champions League winners Ciudad Real have won the next title after recently becoming Spanish champions.

They won the IHF Super Globe, the World Championship for club teams. The Spaniards defended their title in Doha (Qatar) in front of 3,000 spectators by beating host Al-Sadd in the final 30:25 (15:11), even as the Qataris had signed European top stars like Ivano Balic or Kiril Lazarow for the tournament. Ciudad Real remained unbeaten over the whole Super Globe tournament.

IHF Super Globe results:

Preliminary Round

Group A:
Ciudad Real (Spain) – Al Zamalek (Egypt) 28:22 (17:13)
Ciudad Real – Unopar (Brazil) 40:19 (21:8)
Al Zamalek – Unopar 31:29 (15:15)

Group B:
Al-Sadd (Katar) – Al Sad (Lebanon) 30:19 (15:10)
Al-Sadd – Southern Stars (Australia) 36:16 (16:8)
Al-Sad – Southern Stars 32:19 (16:7)

Semi finals
Ciudad Real – Al-Sad 41:18 (21:8)
Al-Sadd – Al Zamalek 27:23 (13:12)

5/6 game
Unopar – Southern Stars 31:16 (16:8)

3/4 game
Al Zamalek – Al-Sad 33:22 (12:8)

Ciudad Real – Al-Sadd 30:25 (15:11)

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