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Coach of golden Norway, Thorir Hergeirsson: “We won the Jackpot”

After the big final of the EHF EURO 2010 between Norway and Sweden 25:20 (10:11), coaches and players gave their statements:

Per Johansson, coach Sweden: Six month ago we had a training session together with the Norwegians in Norway including some friendly matches.

Afterwards we trained hard in Sweden for ten days and three daily sessions each.

We wanted to be one of the big guns in handball. So at first thanks to Norway for the help.

I am extremely happy, as we created our own style of playing. The first half of the final we played very well, and in case we would have led with four or fives goals at the break we might have had an opportunity to win.

After the break Norway improved and was the better team. But I am absolutely happy for my girls.

Sabina Jacobsen, player Sweden: We played a good first half, but after the break we were too tired, so we lost.

Thorir Hergeirsson, coach Norway: It is important for us to have a good relationship with our neighbours so we invited the Swedish team. And in preparation of the EHF EURO 2010 the Norwegian coaches team predicted that Sweden would reach the semi-final.

And we were right. Sweden has a good plan for the future and gave us a good fight in the final.

It was not a good match, but a hard fight for us. We had a good defence and goalkeepers, so I am very pleased.

By winning this title we won the jackpot, as we are qualified for the next three major tournaments. Now we can plan and work without the pressure of qualification matches.

Camilla Herrem, player Norway: We played a good second half and we counted on a good defence and good goalkeepers. They saved us in the first half. I am proud of this team and of my coach.

Ida Alstad, player Norway: We were sure that it would be a game with two strong defence sides and not so many goals. In second half we showed that we were trained well and that we had more experience.


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