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Contest for the World’s Best Men’s Coach 2011: “Dead heat” between Onesta and Sigurdsson

The first two and a half days of voting Contest for the World’s Best Men’s coach in 2011 showed that two coaches have the biggest support. They are French NT coach, Claude Onesta with 42,85% of all votes and his follower, Icelandic coach of Fuchse Berlin, Dagur Sigurdsson with the support of 37,86% voters. Still is nothing decided yet, if we know that Contest will end up on 3rd January.

Current standings:

Claude Onesta 42,85%
Dagur Sigurdsson 37,86%
Ulrik Wilbek  9,29%

Xavi Pascual 5,86%
Alfred Gislason  3,17%
Martin Schwalb 0,9%


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