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Croatia sent “Experts” home!

Croatia beat France 30:23 (13:12) in the last 1/4 final match at the World Championship 2013. Domagoj Duvnjak (10) was fantastic with 10 goals, while whole back line of French team was awful with Karabatic, Barachet and Narcisse, who scored three goals in total.

Denmark wins over Hungary 28:26 with decisive goal of Molgaard.

Spain beat Germany 28:24, while Slovenia achieved the best result ever after victory over Russia 28:27.

In semi-finals will play Croatia against Denmark and Spain with Slovenia.




  1. hahahahahah

    26. January 2013. at 10:28

    you’re so funny Croatians ūüėÄ Denmark smashed you ūüėČ

  2. Auditore

    24. January 2013. at 22:15

    Croatia will win this championship

  3. proferio

    24. January 2013. at 14:29

    There are two people walking down the street. One Frenchman, second one also goes home‚Ķ. ūüėÄ DD

  4. POL

    24. January 2013. at 12:36

    Brawo Croatia!

  5. goran lima

    24. January 2013. at 09:54

    Croatian domination over the next 10 years begins!!

    WELCOME AND ENJOY !!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Vareira

    24. January 2013. at 05:43

    Congratulations CROATIAN, sera’ uma semi final muito quente. This very hot semi-finals… REMENBER YOUGUSLAVY in MUNIKE 1972. Big games… Good times…

  7. bbb croatia

    24. January 2013. at 00:37

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    all ingredients mix up and put it to cold -7 C

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