CSM Bucharest salaries – Neagu has 17.500 EUR, Mork 14.200, Lekic 11.300…

The first defeat in the season made a small earthquake in CSM Bucharest, women’s squad with the highest possible ambitions in national and European competitions.

Andrea Lekic and Thomas Ryde have been dissapointed after defeat in Zalau with the low level of fair-play of home team girls which you can see in video from the match.

Romanian website published information about the salaries in the Romanian TOP team.

Cristina Naeagu with1 17.500 EUR and Nora Mork with 14.200 per month are the girls with the highest salaries.

CSM Bucharest women’s handball team has budget around 5.000.000 EUR.

Here are the salaries…


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. rafi

    4. September 2019. at 12:31

    They are bigger, these salaries are NET. And the Romanian League is hard, currently 2nd in the world as rakings. After Zalau, FRH banned the referees for 1 year, Zalau had the refs behind in 15 actions.

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